My "whine moment today". What's yours?

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Yes Katie, sounds doable, right?
Also, how about the local Eagle Scouts earning their "helping the elderly" badge.
Wouldn't that be so very nice?

Maybe I will try that, to bring my hutch in from out under the carport.  It just might rain in California this year...Lol.
One of mom's caregivers who isn't known for her punctuality, showed up about 15 mins early on New Year's Day - she wasn't on the schedule and I was surprised to see her -
Since the Viking was having some trouble breathing, I stayed during her 2 hour shift until mom was asleep and got a breathing treatment - as the aide arrived early and it was New Years I suggested she leave 15 min early

So last night I get to hoca and nurse mentions this same caregiver had her two kids with her tonight for about an hour - I thought really? I know she was having trouble with her babysitter and she told me she had asked agency if she could bring her kids to another client with the obvious answer of no

When I checked on mom, she was asleep and caregiver notes said, arrived early and hence left early ....hmmm
Her early arrival was still during the afternoon caregiver's shift so it really doesn't matter if she got there early 
but she's kind to mom and the Viking seems to like her, which is half the challenge anyway
However, now I need to tell her she can't bring her kids and she can't leave early unless I or the agency knows about it
You are a soft touch, so some people will take advantage.
Stay the way you are, because there should be more people like you.

This caregiver is a mother with children, it was a holiday, and she knows the rules.

Trying to imagine you calling her on the carpet, looking at it from your much stress is this going to cost you? Can you just ignore the problem, keep a closer eye on the caregiver? Viking Mom likes her, that counts for a lot! Imo.

Can you make the punishment fit the crime....Just pinch her?  Lol Lol.
Hi All, My Charlie-girl continues to improve from the Rabies shot she received last Friday, that gave her horrible side effects, thank God! Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers, she is back to about 80% of her former self, still sleeping a lot, and still no interest in playing fetch with her ball, which is her whole life, I'm sure she will get back to 100% in the next few days.

PammyZ, I wish you well with your Pup immunizations, just ask a lot of questions and be prepared with benadryl, Pedyalite and pain meds from the Vet's office, I wish I had been!!!

Bookluver, I have notified the Vet's that my doggy will not be receiving the Rabies vaccine in the future, they have marked her chart as such, and the Dr will abide by this and make the allowance on my judgement of the situation. I like her, she's very nice that way.

Susasn, so great to hear from you! It sounds like you have been very busy, and are accomplishing so much! We've still got a lot of my FIL 's things to go through and part with since he passed away this past September. We're about 70% of the way there, mostly pix and ppwk, and a few furniture items. With the holidays right on the heals of his passing, it was easier to just shut his bedroom door and forget about it, but now time to face up to it and get busy again! I'm still a bit uncomfortable about him passing away in that room, and not sure how to get past it. My plan is to empty it completely, new paint and carpeting, and Not take One item back in that was formerly his, as that's the Only way I can see to make it the guest bedroom I've always wanted post kids and FIL. Still strange having the house to ourselves for the first time in 33 years together, but like you, I'm enjoying the solitude!!! Take care, and good luck rebuilding your business to the successful size in which you strive for!!!

Veronica, I hope your procedure is quick, easy and painless!!! Thinking of you!

Katie, it is scary getting older and needing to have 1 or 2 good people to rely on in a pinch, or worse! Hubby and I are in the process of finalizing our POA's and updating our Will's. Advanced funeral planning will be next I suppose, at 57, it's weird to even think about but must be done, as I wouldn't wish to leave this burden to our kids. Good luck with your dental work, we booth need that too!!! Yuck

MsMadge, enjoy your vacation! I'm exhausted reacting about all you do for your Mom! You need a break, and I hope your Ma is feeling better!!

Becky, you will be a whole new woman by February 28th! One step at a time, to perfect vision and a gorgeous smile!!!

Send, don't attempt to move that hutch all by yourself, you know your back cannot handle it!! I'm forever scolding my husband for risking his back doing too too much, and then being out of commission and not able to take care of me, Lol! I got needs! Lol!

Pleased to report my proceedure went well and was almost painless thanks to the two doses of Fentynal I received. That really is a good drug. Works fast, wears off quickly with no after effects.
The rest of the experience was a nightmare. Hubby was still asleep five minutes before we were due to leave and told me firmly that i would have to find someone else to take me in future as he could not keep taking the time and i did not understand how ill he is himself. i suggested two friends and he said they had too many other responsibilities to take the time. Not true.
Anyway he rolled out of bed howling in pain made the appointment on time. Apt had a 1pm arrival with a proceedure at 2pm. Well we waited and waited and a tech came to tell us it would be at least another 1 1/2 hours till they took me back for prep and maybe we should come back tomorrow. Not thrilled about that but hubby was already very uncomfortable so i said "No" but could they find somewhere that hubby could lie down. They found an empty X-ray room and settled him down. i told them not to fetch him till I was ready to go home. I did not need the moral support today.
They did that and the nurse in recovery went and found him. She was a sweetheart and wheeled him out to the parking lot so he could warm up the car. She then came back for me and helped me into the car wearing only her scrubs in the 15 degree temps.
I really do like that hospital, the staff always goes the extra mile cheerfully and help each other out. So i am in my recliner with fisrt feed in 3 days running freely in my new tube.
We had to drive home in the dark which neither of us cope with well these days but made if safely and only saw one deer just standing on the side of the road looking both ways.

Send apparently the scouts have a rule that when the boys go out to do any kind of community service a scoutmaster has to go with them which might present a problem for your job. it is possible a local church has a youth group that does good deeds.
That is good news Veronica!
Sorry hubs is in so much pain. Like dragging the bowling ball behind you, slowing you down. But you did it! It is about independence for as long as possible! Good for you!

Someone left my hutch out in the rain.....
and I don't think that I can move it,.....
and it took too long to buy it.....
and I'll never buy any furniture a g a i n .......

oh nooooo!
I hear you can get a new one in MacArthur Park, and while you're there go to Langers deli
You and hubs should have your faces on a box of wheaties
Hi all, well my problems are trivial compared to all of yours by the sounds of it. Have all these e-mails going back and forth with family members. People misunderstanding and getting hurt feelings over nothing, in my opinion. I thought Christmas went quite smoothly this year and yet everyone is still up in arms about NOTHING!!!! For a bunch of people who always loved to run rampant over my feelings and put the sarcasm in the word sarcasm, they sure are all overly sensitive now. I just want to stay out of it all.

Something about my Mom dying has put some steel in my spine. I guess when the thing you have most dreaded all your life finally happens, everything else seems manageable. Now I'm feeling like the strong one in the family and they all seem to be falling apart. Perhaps that little niggling feeling of guilt that they should all be feeling since they didn't do much to help Mom when she needed it is starting to bite them in the behind. Can't say that I feel bad for them.
Now this is a whine! The See's candies store where I live has closed! The only See's here.They closed the day after Christmas with no forewarning.I had just been in there for a bag of their wonderful Bridge mix before Christmas and there was nothing unusual....Maybe the rent was too high at the mall,I don't know,but it's a real bummer.

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