My wife of 73 yrs (moderate Alz) recently experienced the need for 20 to 30 trips to bathroom, during waking hours; about every 3 to 5 minutes ostensibly to have a B/M. Dr's exam showed no bowel blockage, or any other physical problem. Diagnosis was OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- a relative of Alz)). Dr. Prescribed "Fluvoxamine" (Luvox)..after 2nd day, all prior OCD symptoms disappeared. One caveat: Had to cease giving her Rozerem, a sleep med., with the Luvox, which doesn't allow total dissipation of Rozerem. She still has "fetish" of folding all tissues, toilet paper, napkins, into tiny squares, then saving them; that in itself harmless, albeit non-productive.

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Take a look at products in the online Alzheimers Store. There are items you could get her that might occupy her hands and the need to touch things. These are also not productive tasks but may be less bothersome than tiny pieces of paper everywhere. There are several things I've seen there that she might enjoy.

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