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Sorry to say, but this site has been so depressing for a few days. I thought I'd ask an average, everyday question....to make us all feel a little more normal today.

I made Eggplant Lasagna, and my BIL and SIL are coming for dinner. They leave for Cali tomorrow to see their beautiful grand daughter.

Sorry, sometimes we just need some REGULAR conversation.......or at least THIS caregiver does.


Making a new recipe in the crock pot, for green chili stew. I was going to have ebelskivers with it, but smelling it I changed my mind to corn meal muffins. Also avocado slices.
What are ebelskivers ?????
Dear Boni,
I agree, it is important to remain as normal as possible. Lasagna sounds awesome.

My mom has faced some challenges lately, but is capable and wants to live independently. I was with her Saturday, visited Sunday for a Super Bowl party at my sisters and visited at her house yesterday. Tonight I will be working late and will just call her.

Dinner is stuffed green pepper, one of my healthy favorites. I may even break out a blasts of wine.

Enjoy a normal dinner with family

Glass not blast of wine
Like to use my crockpot anytime I can. Tonight we will be having pot roast with onions, red potatoes and carrots. I have a large family, along with my mom, so always trying to simplify. This week I made a couple of pots of dried veggies - black eyed peas and lima beans on Monday to use during the week. (Last night was much simplier so don't think for a moment I have it all together.... :) ) May everyone have a good night.
I generally cook 6 out of 7 nights, but tonight we're going out for 35 cent chicken wings. Whoo hoo! The Szechuan and Jamaican Jerk flavors are my favorite. I need something spicy in this cold.

You must be in the same mode, Jeanne, with your green chile stew. :) That sounds fantastic. Do you use canned green chiles or are you able to find fresh? I've been tempted to mail order Hatch green chiles but they're so pricey.

Boni, you must not be Scandinavian. :) Ebelskivers are Danish pancakes, made in a special pan with half sphere indents. You flip the pancakes half way through baking so they come out round. They're lighter than a traditional pancake. Serve with jam or jelly.
I like Mama Mia's frozen Manicotti, Classico Florentine Spinach and Cheese Jar Sauce, and Kraft 5 cheese shredded cheese. Put it all together and bake it at 350 uncover for 45 minutes. Served with warmed italian bread and a nice glass of Ziffendel wine. A nice home cooking without preparation hassle. Who says you need red wine when serving pasta. When time is precious a quick 5 minute preparation for a home cooked comfort food is ideal.
BTW, boni, I meant to tell you thanks for the fun thread idea! It's so nice to take a break, so THANKS!
I agree, a fun thread that we can all share and compare recipes. Sometimes you need this kind of distraction in a forum that deals with caregiving. Thank you Bonichak you are a very creative thinker!
I made American Chop Suey.. I bet jinx knows what it is? Or anyone from New England...

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