Senior Driving

  • 20 Warning Signs That an Elder is an Unsafe Driver

    Driving helps older adults stay mobile and independent, but the risk of being injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash increases as people age. How do caregivers know if their elderly loved ones are safe on the road?

  • How to Discuss Unsafe Driving with a Senior

    Elders who have become increasingly dangerous on the road are often in denial about their inability to safely drive a car. In their minds, giving up the car keys equates to a loss of independence, but continuing to drive can have grave consequences.

  • Auto Mobility: Adaptable Vehicles Offer Convenience & Freedom

    With age comes a range of ailments that make driving more difficult. Adaptable vehicles and auto mobility products make driving much easier for the elderly.

  • Taking the Car Keys: What to Do If an Elderly Loved One Won't Stop Driving

    Many family caregivers realize that an aging loved one is no longer a safe driver. Seniors are usually adamant about retaining their driving privileges, but there are outside sources of help for taking a parent's keys.

  • Senior Health Issues That Impact Driving

    Age should never be the sole reason for taking away a person’s driving privileges, but a number of physical and mental health conditions, medications, and/or age-related health changes can seriously compromise a senior’s driving abilities.

  • Dementia: Witnessing Cognitive Decline

    What a terrible condition dementia is. It takes the brain of a bright, loving, proud, communicative individual and turns it into a fog of progressive cognitive decline.

  • Find Care & Housing
  • Travel Tips to Help Seniors Get Through Airport Security Screening

    When traveling with a mobility aid, artificial joint, pacemaker, oxygen concentrator or liquid medications, use these insights from a TSA spokesperson to get through security checkpoints quickly and easily.

  • Caring for A Senior With Alzheimer's At Home

    When caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease, each day brings unique challenges, changing abilities and new patterns of behavior. Incorporate these tips and strategies into your daily routine to facilitate caring for your loved one at home.

  • Senior Driving Top Tips: Transportation Options for Someone Who Can’t Drive

    The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best suggestions for transportation alternatives for seniors who can no longer drive.

  • Senior Driving Top Tips: Keeping an Unsafe Driver Off the Road

    The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best tips for preventing a loved one from getting behind the wheel.

  • Senior Driving Top Tips: Discussing The Ability to Drive

    The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best tips for broaching the subject of unsafe driving with an aging loved one.

  • Senior Driving Top Tips: When Is It Time to Take Away the Keys?

    The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best tips for recognizing when a senior is no longer able to drive safely.

  • Driving and Dementia

    Driving is so important to our culture that parents and law enforcement revoke this privilege as a stinging form of punishment. Approaching an aging loved one about their ability to drive safely can be tough, but ignoring the issue is not an option.

  • An Affordable Alternative for Older Adults Who Can’t Drive

    Driving is synonymous with independence for seniors, but age-related changes can make hitting the road dangerous. Look beyond public transportation and taxis for options that can get your loved one where they want to go.

  • Why Doctors Don’t Like to Discuss Driving with Older Patients

    You look to your loved one’s doctor to address lifestyle choices that affect their health, but driving cessation falls into a grey area for many physicians. Discover why MDs find this conversation so tricky and tips for successfully tackling the issue.

  • Does Your Family Member Need Driving Rehab?

    Families are often reluctant to act on a loved one’s bad driving since it can significantly limit their independence, but there is an option available that is less drastic than taking away the car keys.

  • 6 Strategies for Vacationing with an Older Adult

    When you're a caregiver you might think that taking a vacation with an elderly parent or relative who requires special care is out of the question. But a little planning can go a long way towards making a trip safe and enjoyable.

  • To Drive or Not to Drive? That is the Question

    I'm almost 85, and have had a couple scary car crashes in the past few years. I've cut back dramatically on my driving, but I think it's time to look again.

  • The Dangers of Senior Drivers Staying on the Road

    Are elderly drivers really a hazard? Or does their experience make them safer drivers? When should a caregiver think about pulling the keys?

  • Charlie’s Driving Privileges

    Dementia and age related decline have impacted my husband's ability to drive. I'm dreading taking him to have his driver's license renewed. He only has to pass a vision test, but it's his coordination, reflexes and decision making that are the problem.

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