Senior Driving

  • The Hidden Cost of Keeping Elderly Drivers Off The Road

    Encouraging doctors to tell unsafe senior drivers to avoid driving can make for safer roads and safer seniors. But not being able to drive may increase rates of depression in the elderly.

  • How Seniors Can Save Money on Auto Insurance

    Are some policies better than others for aging adults? How can a senior save money on their car insurance? An older driver could save hundreds per year just by making sure they're maxing out their discounts.

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  • Top Cars for Older Drivers

    The top senior-friendly vehicles according to Consumer Reports. Companies are beginning to include extra features in vehicles that assist older adults who are still safely behind the wheel.

  • Caregiving Tips for Traveling With Seniors

    You don't have to cancel the family vacation just because a loved one is getting older. Transportation options, activities and accommodations may need to be adapted, but with some planning, taking a trip with a senior can be a wonderful experience.

  • Do painkillers impair a senior's ability to drive?

    Driving while on painkillers and other pain medication is dangerous and can have deadly consequences. Some individuals can take medication for pain and drive as well as perform many other tedious, precise tasks, but many cannot.

  • Auto Mobility: Adaptable Vehicles Offer Convenience & Freedom

    With age comes a range of ailments that make driving more difficult. Adaptable vehicles and auto mobility products make driving much easier for the elderly.

  • Finding Transportation Services for Seniors

    When a senior can no longer drive, it’s important that there are alternate transportation options available to them. Be sure to consider costs, accessibility, safety and medical needs when selecting transportation and driving services for an elder.

  • Should You Share a Loved One's Dementia Diagnosis?

    Those affected by cognitive impairment don't always recognize that they have a problem. This poses a number of problems for the caregiver including whether or not to share this new and significant change with friends and family.

  • Dementia has Clipped the Wings of My Outdoorsman

    The combination of Charlie's war injuries and dementia mean he can't explore the outdoors like he used to, but there are ways he's been able to maintain his connection with the wildlife in our community.

  • 5 Tips For Choosing a Wheelchair Van

    Minivans with adaptations that enable wheelchair users to easily get in and out can be very beneficial for seniors and their caregivers.

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  • 10 Secrets Elderly Parents Keep from Their Families

    There all kinds of “secrets” that seniors may keep from their loved ones, such as falls, spending habits, elder abuse and car accidents. What should you do if you discover that Mom or Dad is hiding something that could endanger their welfare?

  • How to Care for Someone Who Has Alzheimer's Disease

    Information and advice for coping with some of the most common challenges faced by family caring for an aging loved one with Alzheimer’s or other dementia.

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