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Government Benefits Articles

If you are healthy and expect to live a long and fulfilling retirement, you may want to consider waiting to claim your retirement benefits.

Special Needs Trust Funds can help safeguard disabled individuals against becoming impoverished. However, the use of these funds must comply with government agencies' income guidelines.

If I'd had paid family leave during my caregiving years, my life and the lives of my loved ones would have been quite different.

This tool locates and provides contact information for prescription drug assistance programs that offer financial aid to people who need help paying for prescription medications.

These state-run programs provide assistance to those who need financial aid to pay for their prescription medications.

The money a Social Security beneficiary receives could affects their taxes. Discover the current base amounts and tax rates for each filing status and determine if your benefits are considered taxable income.

The Compassionate Allowances (CAL) program allows individuals with certain medical conditions to receive determinations for SSDI and/or SSI in a matter of weeks instead of months.

The government offers financial assistance for disabled elders through the Social Security Disability benefit. If your loved one meets certain criteria, they may be able to qualify.

With so many seniors living on limited incomes, finding affordable products and services is crucial. Get the inside scoop on freebies and discounts available to you and your loved one.

Many American adults don't know how to maximize their Social Security benefits. Most start collecting too early, and neglect to use strategies that could increase their payout by thousands of dollars.

The majority of American adults may have to continue working into their late 70s or early 80s to make sure they can cover their expenses once they stop working, says a new study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI).

A nationwide survey reveals that most elders are (or expect to be) cared for by their family members. Nearly half of the caregivers surveyed claimed that they would benefit from some outside assistance, researchers found that only 15 percent took advantage of these kinds of programs.

For the first time since the program's inception, only people in the lowest income brackets are currently receiving more in benefits than they paid out in taxes over the course of their careers.

Seniors and caregivers are missing out on the financial aid they can get while caring for an elder. A lack of knowledge about Medicare is causing seniors to miss out on a number of useful benefits programs and financial aid.

Learn about Social Security Benefits and Eligibility. Find out if you or your parents are eligible for social security benefits and how much you should get.

Programs and assistance vary widely by state and individual circumstances, but some financial help may be available for family caregivers who are looking to offset the costs of providing care for an elderly loved one.

Federal, state and local governments offer many programs, services and benefits for seniors and their caregivers, but few people know these resources exist or how to access them. This is your go-to guide for getting assistance.