Government Benefits for Seniors

  • Prescription Drug Assistance Programs: State-by-State Programs

    These state-run programs provide assistance to those who need financial aid to pay for their prescription medications.

  • Tax Rules for Social Security Benefits

    The money a Social Security beneficiary receives could affects their taxes. Discover the current base amounts and tax rates for each filing status and determine if your benefits are considered taxable income.

  • Could You Wait Until 80 To Retire? You May Have To

    The majority of American adults may have to continue working into their late 70s or early 80s to make sure they can cover their expenses once they stop working, says a new study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI).

  • National Survey Underscores Need for Eldercare Strategy

    A nationwide survey reveals that most elders are (or expect to be) cared for by their family members. Nearly half of the caregivers surveyed claimed that they would benefit from some outside assistance, researchers found that only 15 percent took advantage of these kinds of programs.

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