I recently qualified for full scope MediCal in January of this year, as I am disabled and on low income. However in May, my sister sent me the small inheritance that was my portion left to me after my Mother died. This was a surprise to me, as my sister had not shared with me previously that she was going to settle the estate at this time. This was a new situation to me, and I didn't quite know how to deal with it at first, so I took it to a company to invest for me, because not being able to work anymore, I needed to make sure that it would last as long as possible. Last week I called to drop my MediCal, as I realized I no longer qualified for full scope MediCal, that I had just been award in January of this year... Like I said~ this was a new situation for me that actually was quite unexpected on my part. My investment advisor told me that I would be getting a 1099 early next year because of this money. Suddenly I have questions that I hadn't ever been faced with before, and I am concerned... Will MediCal "come back at me" after I file taxes next year, and ask for those 5 months that I was covered by MediCal, even though I have already now dropped it? Thank you for any insight you can give me.

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When you dropped Medical did you tell them that you had inherited money? You qualified the first 5 months. You dropped it when you found out you didn't. Your qualifying was determined by your 2017 income. I think a call to Medical would be a good idea so u don't worry.
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Go to and type in "Do You Qualify for Medi-Cal Benefits?" 
To see if you qualify based on income, look at the chart below. Income numbers are based on your annual - or yearly - earnings.​ 
​Family Size ​
​1- $​16,395
​2- ​22,108
​3- ​27,821
​4- ​33,534
​5- ​39,248
​6- ​44,961
​7- ​50,688
​8- ​56,429
​9- ​62,169
​10- ​67,910
​11- ​73,651
​12- ​79,392
​Each Additional Person ​Add $5,741

You can also get Medi-Cal if you are:
65 or older, Blind, Disabled, Under 21, Pregnant, In a skilled nursing or intermediate care home, On refugee status for a limited time, depending how long you have been in the United States.
A parent or caretaker relative or a child under 21 if:
The child's parent is deceased or doesn't live with the child, or
The child's parent is incapacitated, or
The child's parent is under employed or unemployed
Have been screened for breast and/or cervical cancer (Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program)

You say you are disabled, so you would qualify but I can't find anything on the site that says about how much money you can have in the bank.

I doubt if you would have to pay back any money if you only just got your inheritance and already cancelled the Medi-Cal.
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