my wife is still able to go to dinner or visit with frinds for brief periods. She's always forgetting her purse and I'm not infallible. I only have her carry a few dollars money is not the concern.
Contained in her bag are her Photo Id ., Medicare,Medicare supplement &Rx plan cards and her Safe Return ID card ..Affter losing and getting her bag retuned intact I called our police and asked if keeping clear laminated photo copies rather than the originals in her wallet would be sufficient in case of an accident .He couldn't me definitively. I called our local hopspital admissions who was also non committal as to the validity of copies for admission documentation. Explaining that all they do is copy the originals and we're not talking homeland security had no impact. I'm just trying to avoid the inevitable need to replace all her documents . Anything yo avoid a visit to a Fl DMV office for a photo Id
Any thoughts would be appreciated

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I'd have at least two concerns here. 1) Loss of important (but not irreplacable) documents and 2) identify theft. Photocopies would minimize the risks of #1, but not #2.

I wouldn't worry about what is valid in case of an accident. Hospitals admit people who have no ID whatsoever and manage to deal with it. Do you think they won't treat her if they only have a copy of her insurance card? Surely you would be there nearly isntantly and can bring the originals with you.

I am very pleased that your wife enjoys going out to dinner and to visit friends. Does she really have to carry a purse at all? Or could she carry one with just a pretty hankie and some lip balm, etc.? Could you carry her ID cards in your wallet? Does she often go out without you? Do you take her and pick her up when she visits friends? Would she really need her ID cards in their houses?

My husband and I each have a Road ID braclet. There are 6 lines that can contain Name, phone number, emergency contacts, list of chronic conditions, preferred hospital, clinic that has medical records -- whatever would assist emergency personnel to start treatment and contact responsible parties.
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Jeanegibbs. OP here: Am well aware of the threat of id theft. But my wife has no assets in her name or credit cards any longer. Additionally, my son in law is our insurance broker and for a very very nominal sum, a few $'s a month, he added ID theft protection for several million $'s to our homeowners. policy
I think state laws must vary greatly. In Floriday, with our governor's anti immigrant policy combined with the massive number of illegals in the state ID's and insurance documentation sends you to the front of the line. They're not at the stage of denying undocumented persons ER care, but they're in no rush to provide init either no matter how dire the circumstance appear to be.
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