My aunt has stolen tens of thousands of dollars from my grandma and attempted to have my grandma's building put in her name. She was caught but nobody took legal action, asside from getting the bldg put back in a Trust.

My grandma has been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia after all of this. There are stranger things going on from that aunt and her daughter that don't make sense. My cousin has visited my grandma and gradually stolen every photograph that my aunt and her family are pictured in from my grandma's home. The latest thing my cousin did was go to my grandma's after she was in bed. She used a key to get in the bldg and knocked on the apt door until my grandma got out of bed. My grandma's caregiver saw my cousin take a picture of my grandma then leave. My grandma then fell and the caregiver's husband helped put my grandma back in bed.

My mom is the primary caregiver and has power of attorney. She has hired a live-in caregiver and daytime caregiver when she cannot be there. My mother has instructed them to not let anyone visit with my grandma alone because of all this suspicious behavior.

My question is: Why would they be doing these things? I understand stealling money and property for obvious reasons. Stealing photographs could be a way of removing their family from my grandma's life, but I really don't understand sneaking around to take a picture of my grandma at night.

None of this has been reported, should my mom report all of this behavior? How would she go about that?

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