Does it seem to anyone else as though the “bad stuff” always happens on the weekends? Mom & Dad are together in assisted living, she with AD and an ileostomy, and he with his own, slightly milder dementia (probably vascular given his extensive cardio-vascular disease). It seems as though Mom’s bad AD days, their arguments, her bad ostomy days, and their “decisions” to live apart, always happen on the weekends. My theory is that the staff who know them best are off on the weekends, and the meals are generally not as good on the weekends (this part I know to be true), so maybe between being frustrated over meals, and not having the regular staff, Mom’s anxiety goes up and Dad’s patience goes down. It’s just getting harder to know how to get them settled (they are in PA and I am in AZ, so a quick visit is out of the question). I know there really isn’t a solution, it’s the nature of their respective diseases. I just wonder if it is just my imagination that things tend to go wrong on the weekends, or if others have the same experience. Thanks in advance for any sharing. Sending you all love and good thoughts for strength and peace.

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Shaking, ERs are not short staffed on the weekends as each staff member is required to work weekends. So get that out of your head. ERs are busier on weekends due to some people who put off their health concerns, continue to work, or wait for child care only to find out the doctors offices are closed. Instead, there are too few beds to accomodate the high volume of patients.
Melissa, my mom's bad days occurred on Tuesdays. Sure, staffing may jolt a dementia person's brain, but staffing changes all the time in ALs. Do you happen to know if it is a particular person who "pulls the trigger" on them?
I used to get calls from a particular person frequently for mom's high blood sugars at 7 pm on Tuesday nights. The intention was good but I learned to remind them to give her a big glass of water, repeat the test and call me in an hour rather than calling EMS
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I think this is a general rule of life. Cats and dogs get sick at night or on the weekend. My cat got sick in the middle of the night and I had to spend over $1,000 at the emergency vet clinic. Or your refrigerator conks out on Sunday morning. Or you come down with a high fever on Friday morning at 2 AM. It seems like it happens with everything. If it's going to go wrong, it's going to go wrong in the middle of the night or on the weekend - and even better if it's a holiday weekend!

I'm not trying to make light of your situation, I am sorry you're experiencing it with your parents. Your theory about the cause may very well be correct.
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Thank you all so much! Good point about it being that way with life in general. I suppose when it’s my things that go wrong on the weekends I don’t notice it as much because there is less of a “helpless” feeling. I hadn’t thought about there being a particular person who might be “triggering” them. I’ll watch for that. You’ve all definitely helped me get past worrying it is in my head and/or exaggerated. Just life. Hugs everyone!
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