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Any family crisis will magnify the existing qualities of the family dynamics.
Close knit supportive families will become more supportive.
Divisive relationships become more divided.
The elder person, believe it or not, has a lot of control over children.
If she used divide and conquer methods when you were kids, she will do so even more now. If she was passive and patient, expect more of the same.
On this forum we see a lot of input from the troubled side. I'd like to think there are many families out there who have a united front and support one another's decisions about care. Sure, there are tough spots and raw emotions, but at the end of the day, if you are all on the same page, you won the battle.
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Broad questions with no explanation like this seem to pop up every so often. I always wonder if it isn't a nursing or psychology student looking for assistance on a term paper.
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This is such a broad question. It hurts when someone you love starts to lose their ability to remember things and reason through the ordinary things of life. It hurts to watch them slip away. Do you have someone in your family with dementia? Please tell us a bit about the person and what is going on.
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