I will be away for almost 2 weeks with work and Mom lives with us which was a big mistake to start with but that's a whole other story. Anyway DH and kids will be there but not 24/7 since the kids have many activities outside of school and DH runs his own business. Normally I would at least be home in the evenings and most of the meals cooked ahead of time so they all could eat but now since I will be away over 11 days I am trying to plans ahead. Mom has a Dr. appt next month so am going to speak to the nurse about this too but do not feel that she can be left alone for any long periods of time. She is grumpy & miserable and is not happy that I am going but I really do not have a choice and when I made the suggestion of her even getting a visiting nurse she went thru the roof so I am sure that is going to be another battle. She has never been declared incompetent although I would beg to differ at times so I feel I am going to have an uphill battle on my hands. She insists on walking with a cane when she really should use a walker so I am definetly afraid of her falling etc. since she does have difficultly getting around. She doesn't have much $$ which is the reason we took her in but I am not sure what options we have available or were to start looking. Figured this might be a good place to ask. TIA

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I started looking when visiting the neurologist and have found some really good ones.
Some of the rehab and hospitals have a list of places to check out.
There is a site at that may be of assistance.
You state may have a department for seniors. Can't think of the real name.
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