1. The husband and wife couple answered add on FaceBook to drive me to 300 mi for medical care. The wife knew she was getting ill. Yet she came along. Sat in 2nd seat. I provided face masks, alcohol hand sanitizer, bactericidal hand soap. She failed to wear the mask over her nose, even when I asked her to wear it correctly. I told both I was immune deficient (CVID) that I was told by my doctor that if I succumbed to another pneumonia I most probably would die. The add said I would pay for the hotel and their food. They loaded their plates huge proportions and ate 1/3 of the food. Purchased 20 oz soda beverages, or the man, lattes (caffeine), On the way home, he missed the freeway exit and went 45 miles out of the way, then had to go back 45 miles to get on the correct route. He was hungry again and asked for some more money. I required receipts.When he came back, he said in a threatening manner, "You need to be nice to wife and me."He frightened me.I did not say anything the remainder of the trip. When we got home he put all my luggage in the mudroom as I requested to be sprayed. I went to my office to write his check. I entered it on QuickBooks, the first time I typed on the check, the remainder to be paid upon his returning my wheelchair lift to its original location. (Another story). He didn't want that on his check, I rewrote the check omitting the statement. He failed to hand me the car keys. After he left I called him and left a message. After a reasonable time not hearing back from him I called again and left a message that I would report him to the police if I did not hear from him. He texted back where he laid the keys (Black keys on a black suitcase) . He texted back and said "do not ever threaten him again." That really scared me. He had worked for the tribal police. I was still spray disinfecting the entire car because of his wife's flu (proven because after 3 hour in the ER, chest x-ray," cultures" and received a RX for "tamaflu". They refused to fill the prescription which would have cut her flu by 50% and probably reduce the effect on my CVID. Because my wheelchair lift failed, he took it off and stood it at the side of the car, so we could drive the car. He had said he would return the following day and replace it to its original place. I know I locked the door. The daytime caretaker for my parents ages 94 and 99, live in their home in the lower part of my home. I am a widow of one year. I am disabled from multiple medical, neurological/orthopedic problems.Apparently the man called or texted this caretaker and told her that I owed him $170.00. My mother wrote a check, the caretaker arranged to meet him off my property. Neither the man, my mother, or caretaker told me about it. I discovered my mothers check when I went online to my bank. I went down in my motorized chair and inquired.She said for laundry and parking. told her that the laundry was theirs from prior to the trip. Not my responsibility. The $50 parking was for the wife to go to an Federal Employment Office. Not my concern. I let them use my car. they had a free ride to Seattle. Now they were making my mother pay for their expenses. My mother refused to say any more. She was afraid he would come back. The caretaker said nothing. I hired and paid the couple. The caretaker nor my mother had any business talking to the man and should have referred the situation to me. I knew what the charges were.There were no receipts. When I went to the garage February 13, I noted the lift had been put in its original place. I know I locked the garage door. And I had a "No Trespassing" sign on the garage, at the direction of the police, it was missing. No other person other that the caretaker had a key to the garage and was available to let him into the garage. I confronted her and asked her why she let him into the garage. She denied letting him into the garage. Because both the man and this care taker had made threats that caused me to fear for my safety, I locked and barricaded doors. She unlocked and broke the barriers and demanded her paycheck.My mother failed to give me the money for paychecks. I have the flu, infections, too ill to cook. The caretaker brings my food up and puts it on the floor, inside the door twice. I told my mother and the caretaker threatened again, also refuses to help me, as expected. Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, medical abuse, Please tell me who to report these to ASAP

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If you are on the reservation, call the reservation police, but they may decide to take you to the emergency room for a complete examination. Usually that means a 72 hour confinement and many different MD's will ask about your condition.
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