Talking very loud, doesn't stay in his room when others are in their own rooms, has doctorate, dementia, is living in ALF - no room in the special portion of facility. Lives in private room - previous roommate wasn't able to handle his actions - the roommate is an MD, in his right mind and very helpful to anyone who needs it. Helped with my wife's roommate to have her transferred to another room. Doesn't eat when everyone else is eating and doesn't eat much but demands all he can get and then always wants more coffee or something so staff has to "help" hims it.

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He has a private room but needs more meds. Doctor comes on Monday - hope he will help solve - this disturbing man to be more calm. As a retired RN it appears that the staff is not able to handle him as they would like to because of his behavior and almost consistent babbling at the mouth. Thanks for your post.
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Carefully read the admission papers and state health law.
"Repeatedly behaves in a manner which directly impairs the well-being, care
or safety of the resident or other residents, or which substantially interferes with
the orderly operation of the facility" (New York). So the facility takes steps to accomodate, such as a private room and proper meds. If these are not enough, then the health laws mandate a higher level of care .
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