So Boost, Ensure. She’s 85 lbs 4’8” tall she only eats one small meal a day so her Dr recommended nutrition drinks but has a problem with lactose drinks

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Lactose is not a problem with nutritional drinks. Many are non-dairy or have their lactose enzymed away. The problem with them is what's in your title. She's diabetic. Nutritional drinks are basically sugar milk.

Try peanut butter. That's a good food for diabetics and is packed with goodness. It's what starving children get in famine areas to save their lives. That's what's in those life saving tubes people donate money for.
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Tothill Feb 2019
As long as it is not mainstream peanut butter that is full of sugar, salt and extra fat. My diabetic former mil loves Adams peanut butter, she gets the salt free version so it does not impact her HBP.
Those drinks are also loaded with sugar and NOT suitable for a diabetic, and only eating once a day is also not the way to control her blood glucose levels. Has she had a problem with anorexia in the past? And is she seeing a psychiatrist to treat her depression?
If at this point she tolerates drinks better than solids then there are many, many recipes for smoothies that boost calories, protein and nutrients using tofu, vegan protein powders and nut butters and things like soy and almond milk or fruit juices - the sky is the limit when it comes to finding combinations you enjoy. The big question is whether or not she will make and drink them.
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