Mom was approved last week for Hospice services. She lives at home with me and my husband. The social worker said that hubby and myself should take advantage of the respite care available. That care is a 4-5 night stay in whichever nursing home has a bed available. I’d love to but I’m so afraid that she’ll come out worse off than she is now. Is it worth risking her stable routine here? I’m concerned that she’ll get the wrong meds or no meds at all. That she’ll fall, or that her calls will go unanswered to toilet. Or that she’ll be admonished by the staff because she can be demanding. I’ve looked at the ratings for the NH the SW mentioned and it wasn’t good. How am I supposed to relax when I think I’m setting mom up for a mess?
My other option is to pay my SIL ( husbands sister) to stay with her coupled with adult daycare that she attends weekly.
What would you do?

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It is my opinion that moving her twice is a bad idea. The temporary disruption can lead to a sudden decline.

I know that my own Mom could not shake the idea that I was just tricking her into moving to a nursing home. No assurance of any kind would change that in her head. I just could not do it.

i know you folks probably need to break, but removing her from the home for a week would likely be difficult for her. If you can keep the routine the same by having people come in, that might be the best for her.
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