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Chloe, is your love one going into Assisted Living or into a Nursing Home? Sometimes those two terms mean the same thing, other times it does not. Just want to be sure which home your love one will be using.

Will the new home be part of a chain of Assisting Living facilities, or will it be a smaller home which has only a few residents? Does the facility provide the furniture or does the love one bring their own?

One thing to make sure, what is all included in the monthly rent? Some places charge a base rent, then other items are extra. When my Dad moved into senior living, his rent included weekly housekeeping, weekly linen service [Dad had to use his own sheets/towels], meals in the facility "restaurant". Personal laundry was an extra cost or a family member could do the personal laundry.

Physical therapy was also included if one's health insurance would approve. Medicine control was an extra monthly cost. Dad's electric bill was extra cost, so was the phone service. Dad did have cable TV which was included [Dad had to use his own TV].

Once Dad moved to the Assisted Living/Memory Care side of the building, the linen service was daily [the facility provided the sheets, pillow cases, and towels], housekeeping was almost daily. Facility also did the personal laundry. Medicine was part of the rent. I believe so was the electric, phone service, and cable TV.

Ask how is the monthly billing prepared. Is the bill paid by check or pulled from a checking account. Ask that the bill be sent directly to you. My Dad use to get a copy of the bill but that would make him grumble about the cost and him wanting to find some place cheaper :P

Usually on a tour of the facility, you and your love one can enjoy a free lunch. That will give you an idea on the variety of the menu, if there is one. My Dad was able to keep his lactose-free ice cream in their refrigerator, and the wait staff would know to ask him if he wanted desert of ice cream.

Ask if there is a Registered Nurse available around the clock, always in the facility. If your love one has memory issues and is moving into Memory Care, ask how the main doors are secure. I know that was a relief knowing my Dad couldn't wander off his floor at night time. During the day he could go anywhere in the building as the Receptionist knew not to let Dad outside without someone being with him.

Hope this helps.
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Chloe99 Jan 2019
Thank you for the information! That helps so much
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