1- My husband needs oxygen (vascular dementia) uses oxygen tank all night and nap daytime. Follow up doc OV, PA attends & because oxygen levels low she remarks that he may need oxygen 24/ 7 to which my husband was objecting to. She interrupts him with a scolding " if you don't use oxygen 24/7 you're going to die!" Leaving I let office staff know that I did not want that woman attending even if I had to wait months to see doctor. 😡 Next day portable oxygen tanks delivered to our home at her request. Med. supply will not take back 'cause may be needed later. Tanks in closet over two yrs.

2- Yesterday doc changed type of inhaler that is easier to use. Gave samples to try for two weeks plus hubby still has enough (2 months) of the original using ( also for two yrs. ) in case new one doesn't work as well for him. Will write rx I assumed, later? My bad. 😳 Today email from pharmacy that new rx. is ready for pick up. $400.24! Life is already stressful for caregivers without Drs. making things clearer. I've learned the hard way what questions to ask ins. company, Drs. etc but trusting that everyone knows what they're doing is not a good thing. I've nicely told a couple of young uns that

being old doesn't = stupid. Hubby is 78, me 76.

Thanks for allowing me to vent. Now that I'm calmer I'm off to make 3 needed phone calls. Yes, one to dr. office. Don't like calling when I'm angry ' cause don't want to be ugly. 😩

" It's better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." A longtime favorite saying of mine. 🤓 Happy 4th of July to all & God bless. 😇

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I think that many doctors haven't got a clue how much some medications cost, as far as I know they can't charge you until you pick it up, so you can say no thanks.
You might ask your pharmacist if there is a generic form of the inhaler or something that works in a similar way that is a lower cost, they are the experts on medications.
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Call the doctor at once and explain that you will not pick up and will not use any medications that are not generic and the lowest priced. Your doctor I would imagine did not mention that there is a 6% MD bonus on most medications, and that the drug reps who come encourage them in many ways including the now THOUGHT to be illegal bonuses of trips and so on. Patients are cash cows in this time of big Pharma and our MDs working together. Tell them that you cannot financially afford this. Ask questions of all medication switches. Tell the doctor you need to know if it is generic and if it is the lowest cost, not the newest. Let the doctor know he/she will have to make profits off someone less smart than you. Sad, this. With all else we go through, to be used in this way is despicable.
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