When she falls its like trying to pick up a giant bag of jello.

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What should she be eating? Anything she wants (but maybe a little less of it.)

I'd focus more on preventing her from falling.

And, yes, of course, she should be eating what we all should be eating -- more fresh vegetables, less processed food, some fresh fruits, less or no deep fried foods, less high-starch items, blah, blah, blah.

She made it to 95 eating what she's eating. Unless she has a condition where her weight is causing her distress, I don't think it is good to deprive her of the pleasure of eating what she likes. If you can control portion size, that might be worthwhile.

Exercise would be good -- even chair exercises would be good.
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I would check with her doctor. Is there some medical condition that she is trying to treat? At 95, it seems an odd time to put her on a diet. I would want her to be as comfortable and happy as possible. Sometimes seniors can go downhill quick with an illness and drop a lot of weight, even when not trying. I'd keep that in mind. If you can't lift her properly, try to arrange to get some help with that or learn some proper techniques that might help. Maybe, you shouldn't be moving her unassisted.
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When she falls kind of implies a disturbing frequency. Find out why she's falling and correct it. Cane? Walker? Get her one. Needs supervision when walking? Give her supervision.

She is extremely susceptible to a hip fracture. Her survival odds after such a break are HORRIBLE.

Let her eat hat she wants, but keep only healthy things in the house.
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