I have read from time to time how some elders were suffering memory loss then it was discovered that it was a reaction to some of the meds they were taking and when those meds were discontinued, the memory came back. I realize this is by far not the usual cause for memory loss, but I have read it enough times to think it should be examined in my mother. I have read some statins might do this. Anyone know of others to be wary of?

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1. Antianxiety drugs
2. Cholesterol drugs
3. Antiseizure drugs
4. Antidepressant drugs
5. Narcotic painkillers
6. Parkinson's drugs
7. Hypertension drugs
8. Sleeping aids
9. Incontinence drugs
10. Antihistamines

And more probably.
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Riverdale May 2019
Wow. Yes but are any,all the alternatives for the help they provide worth avoiding them.

I grew up in a household that practiced Christian Science. Didn't know that medicine existed until my early teens. Went to a Christian Science school. During one of my many colds for which I received no relief, I somehow had discovered a little camphor inhaler. It felt joyous to be able to breathe a little. A teacher grabbed it from me and through it on the floor. There went that relief.

My parents sang hymns to me at night. Needless to say that didn't help. I eventually had to have sinus surgery from years of built up infections.

So I will embrace what relief I may find from that list when the need occurs.
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Wow! Lots! Side effects stink! Meds help one thing and hurt another. True, not everyone gets every side effect but it’s a crap shoot.
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my mom is on Prozac for her anxiety, but it doesn't seem to do much good anyway. Maybe worth asking her MD to take her off them. Statins too I have heard can be problematic.
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I would say the Cholesterol drugs could be stopped if a older person. Statins have been linked to Dementia. The reasoning is they don't just target the arteries they also effect the brain. The brain needs cholesterol. I have chosen not to take it. One Dr. agrees with me, the other didn't push it.
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