Current living situation for the past 5 months has been a nursing home , can't transfer without two people assisting. Patient needs custodial care, due to weakness in arms and legs , and confined to wheelchair. Medical condition has yet to be determined and tests are still needed to diagnose condition. Been in nursing home for 5 months, rehab hasn't helped enough and we now wonder if it is even working at all. There has to be an underlying condition as to why he can't walk. Many tests yet to do, and discovery is slow. Money is running out and Medicaid will be required, which concerns us as we want to make sure he gets all the medical help he needs, in an effort to determine cause of this condition. Recently we have seen a decline in his mental state, with feelings of giving up , thinking a new environment may help , as he currently has to share a room and level of privacy and living conditions are depressing , maybe assisted living facility could help his mood, but not sure he is a candidate in Illinois based on 2 person transfer need.

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Thanks to all for your comments , diagnosis has been the family’s priority and it appears to be a neurological issue causing weakness , and limited mobility in legs and arms. Additional neouligic tests and MRI’s are soon to be conducted. We have been referred to a neurologist surgical specialist from who works with his current neurologist for help.

He currently has private insurances but probably need to go on medicaid soon, as his nursing home care isn’t covered.
Does anyone know if Medicaid will pay for PT and OT in a nursing home ? I have heard they don’t.
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Pushing for a definitive diagnosis would be the first thing.
If he is not improving because he does not want to that is one matter, if he is not improving because of an underlying problem that's another.
Assisted Living would be an option but expensive.
Is the person a Veteran? If so the VA may be able to help depending on where and when he served. But getting into the VA system is a good idea anyway.
The next option would be SNF due to the need for a 2 person transfer or the use of equipment.
I would push for a proper diagnosis as priority. 5 months is long enough
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What caused the fall? - Or is that exactly what his doctors are trying to figure out?

But in any case - five months??? Even if he'd never met a doctor before in his entire life this still sounds passing strange.
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We is family, it has been so long because. Of a wounded knee. He was admitted for PT & OT , after a fall and a 7 day hospital stay which resulted in a wound on knee, for the first month he could do very little, but as wound heeled PT pushed him to do more . he has had progress in upper Body , lower body not so much.

MRI scheduled this month on lower spine as upper spine and brain showed no issues ,, minor narrowing of disc in neck. All x rays show no break or fractures.

Doctor appt. and tests take time , to get - as he never had a doctor until now.
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I think if I'd been in a nursing home for five months, needing a two-person transfer, and no one were able to tell me why, I'd be ready to give up too. And I don't think even my own room and a nice view would help.

This poor man's situation is so unusual it must fall outside the generally available options for his continuing care. What do his medical teams recommend? Are you not getting advice from his lead physician?

What have they ruled out, and what possibilities are they continuing to explore? Depending on what's being investigated, perhaps there are specific support and lobbying organisations you might persuade to take an interest in helping him.

Who is the "we", by the way? Family, friends, spouse?
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Joehowie58 Jul 2019
Replied in answer as I am new here

thanks for tour help.
After 5 months of tests no one has been able to diagnose him?

It it sounds like he is in the appropriate setting to receive the level of care he needs. I too don’t think he is a candidate for AL.

I would work to get a proper diagnosis. What were you told by his providers in the hospital prior to rehab transfer? Also, try to review his medication list as that can help to decipher what he is being treated for.

How unfortunate for him. I hope he gets better.
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