My brother, 59, was declared medically disabled in January 2020 because of Parkinson's Disease. How do we go about getting him signed up for Medicare and supplemental insurance to Medicare? I believe he will be eligible for Medicare benefits in July 2022.

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You (more likely he) should call your local SS office. They will likely set you up with a telephone appointment.

I think enrollment is automatic after 24 months of disability, but you should confirm that the local office has him in the queue.
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He is not old enough for Medicare. He has to be 65. He can get Medicaid for health now if he fits the criteria. If he has not applied for Social Security disability he needs to. Being declared medically disabled does not mean he automatically gets benefits. He has to prove to Social Security he is disabled. Start with his County Social Service dept. He may qualify for SSI which is a supplimental income which comes with Medicaid. He can then apply for SS disability which will take a little time. Social Service can help with this. SSD includes Medicare and maybe Medicaid.
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If I’m not mistaken, if he has gone onto SSDI (Disability Insurance so the $ that SSA is paying him is based on his work history that he paid into FICA over his work years), it is NOT the usual SSA retirement based payment (early at age 62 or later till 70 when you have to draw it) or low income SSI as really didn’t work much type of payment. SSDI is set up for him to be on his state’s Medicaid program for 2 years and then if he is still disabled he goes onto MediCARE after the 2 yr point in time no matter what his age. Barb is spot on that this should be an automatic transition.

BUT there are a select group of diseases that actually qualify for SSDI and immediate Medicare before age 66. I know that ESRD / end stage renal disease and ALS / Lou Gehrig disease qualify for the quick to MediCARE SSA system. He needs to ask his caseworker IF Parkinson’s is in the quick MedicCARE list.

Again all this is things he should ask his caseworker about.

If you are NOT his POA for medical and financial already, and a signatory on his bank accounts, please please do this asap so you can be his advocate, do banking stuff for him, and be able to do this with his Medicaid or state caseworker.
However be aware that SSA does NOT recognize POA so on dealing with SSA stuff, he need to do it either in person or on the phone or on-line…… help him do it on-line so when it needs to be accessed in da future you can help him once again (nudge,nudge, wink, wink 😉).
You are a wonderful Sister to him!
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Correction to Igloo's info. Being on SSDI does NOT set you up for state Medicaid. I would see if the person qualifies based on the financial info applicable under state law, but it is NOT automatic. SSI is different from SSDI, as I repeatedly point out.
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