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Dogbite, there is a variety of options for long term care. It all depends on how independent that person is with caring for himself.

One example, my Dad needed around the clock caregivers because he was a fall risk and didn't know how to do things around the house. My Mom was always the person doing those chores, but when she passed Dad was hopelessly lost. In my area it was costing Dad around $20k per month to have agency caregivers come in each day on 3 shifts.

Then Dad decided to move to Independent Living as he felt his house was just too much for him to handle anymore being he was in his 90's. The cost of Independent Living was around $5k per month.

Then when Dad's memory was starting to slip, he moved into Assisted Living which was around $7k per month.

Now, my Mom had late stage dementia, due to a serious fall, thus she was in long-term care facility which was costing her $12k per month.

The cost depends on location. The larger the city, the higher the cost it seems. Also it depends on what the facility offers. Is there 1 meal or 3 meals prepared for Independent Living?

Is laundry or weekly linen service/housekeeping part of the cost? How often does the staff check on the person? Does the facility do diabetes daily checks and give insulin? Is med-tech included in the price or is that extra fee, where a staff member comes in to give daily medicine?

My Dad eventually needed med-tech service as he was forgetting to take his daily meds. That was an added cost of $900 per month [$30 per day for twice a day meds].

Yep, quite expensive. If the cost cannot be budgeted by the gentleman, he can see if he can qualify for Medicaid, then focus on facilities that accept Medicaid [which is different than Medicare].
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Did you mean long term care insurance? Just having diabetes shouldn't mean you need a long term care placement.
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Tothill Nov 2018
Generally Long Term Care Insurance is not available after age 80.
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