Between 2013 & 2014 my mom was hospitailized for over 10 months due to one of her legs swelling up plus a fall that put her in a fragile state. That's when her boyfriend took control of her by telling us when each of us could call her and told the nurses that they were married when they just live together. She needed physical therapy when the boyfriend stopped in 2014. My mom is in a fragile state and losing her memory. Her boyfriend is taking care of her and his memory is also waning. I have no way of talking, writing, or get any information on her condition because the boyfriend always answers the phone and will slam the phone down when he recognizes my voice. I come from a dysfunctional family (where alcohol was present), made many bad choices in life, and told family members and she, in turn, told siblings and boyfriend. I don't recall doing anything with them in my teens and communicated with them by calling or writing frequently my brother and sister born after me. My younger sister use to inform me on mom's health and told me that mom was depressed before she stopped talking to me in May 2015. I would like to do a wellness check on her -- I would get the blame if if her health is affected.

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Yellow, in a situation like this, you may want to talk to an Elder Law Attorney to get suggestions that are in line with your State.

Why did your younger sister stopped talking to you? Any chance you could mend any issues with her, and hopefully she is able to get information regarding Mom.
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