He stated $15,000 flat fee and it covers everything-his services go on until she is actually on Medicaid. This is in Maine. I have to provide all the receipts for 5 years and any financial info regarding checking, any accounts, bonds, investments etc.

In addition to the complexity of the trust, it depends on your location. Attorney fees vary from state to state.
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In NYC, about 10 years ago, the price was 30K. This was for a fairly complex special needs trust and dozens of greedy relatives, one of whom told us that HE could have gotten it done for $3,000.

It really depends upon the complexity of the trust.
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Attorney fees vary from block to block. When looking for a lawyer for a simple trust, the cost varied between $1500 and $6000. We went with the most expensive one thinking that the cost related to quality of performance. We were wrong.
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Here in GA we were quoted $8,000 last year.
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Some states don't allow Miller trusts, if that is what you are referring to. But I assume you've already done your homework on that one
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If trying to qualify for Medicaid by setting up a trust, that could very well be considered gifting by Medicaid and subject to penalty. Be very careful with that. If need for Care is immediate, it may very well be too late for a trust to be setup to "protect" assets.
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