I can't remember her name. She was having a baby and had two small children

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This is one of the most frustrating things about being a member of this forum. I remember an elderly lady who posted once who said she was trapped in an isolated home and being cared for by her grandson who was abusive. This post was about two years ago and has stuck with me ever since. I have no idea whatever happened to this woman and it bothers me a lot. People take the time to post and then disappear like dust in the wind and we are left wondering if they’re ok and what happened. We can’t force them to post an update, but it would be nice to know if they’re ok.
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I know who you're talking about but I don't remember her screen name either. She probably has her baby already by now. Must be super busy with the newborn and 2 toddlers and the problems with husband and his grandma.

Wishing her the best, but I seriously doubt she was able to do much to improve her situation. Very unfortunate to have a husband like hers.
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dinamshar9 Jun 2019
I know - I feel the same as you / just hope she’s doing ok!
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