I realize it's predicated by each State Law.

An AL director of sales person went to the hospital where my mom was staying. My mom is in acute rehab, now. The hospital explained to AL person they could not state where my mom was, only that she was discharged. They seem to want information about her all the time. Director left me message asking about the furniture. Technically, my mom's cat cannot stay since there is no one is taking care of it. I was appalled by the message and implications.

It took a mountain to move and finally get my mom to an AL.

Looking for an education about AL, since I am very protective of my mom's personal information - What do they have the right to know and not know about my mom? I am the guardian. I have a contract, but details about personal information doesn't seem to be inclusive.

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At Moms AL an animal is the residents responsibility. If they can no longer care for it, then it has to be removed. So you may have to have it live with you for a while.

Read your contract and see what it says about hospital/rehab stays. There maybe something about after so many days, the room can no longer be held. Besides room and board does Mom pay for some care. With my Moms AL, if in the hospital after two weeks the care charge will be dropped.

To be honest, I think this person was out of line. As guardian he needs to deal with you, not Mom. He is a salesman. I have worked with many of them and they feel the rules don't pertain to them as long as they get a sale. He is trying to find out what he can so he can get Moms room sold if she is not coming back. Actually, depending on Moms health, the AL can say that she is now outside the care they can give.

Go to the Administrator. Tell him you are not happy with the sales director. That there are HIPPA laws and he is not privy to any information concerning ur Mom. At this point you have no idea how long Mom will be staying in rehab. That her rent will continued to be paid.

I have a feeling this sales person thought rehab was LTC.
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slp1684 May 2019
I have been going to AL, feeding the cat and cleaning after my moms cat daily.
I've read the contract and it does not mention anything about residents going to hospitals or rehap. They told me since they are state regulated, they must know how and where there residents are. Also, recently told me that must re-assess her.
I communicated to the executive director about the sales person and she said the staff is concerned about my mom ( which i think is a bunch of BS). There are many other rooms available at this place, built within a year or two.
I did write an email to executive director explaining there wasn't any news yet. However, today just found out from rehab, they want mom out in a week.
They do this for discharge process. AL is updated to see if mom's condition would be detrimental to other residents and staff. You may not be aware,but Al and NH pay hospitals a fee for patients sent to Al or NH. Hospitals with alert them first then loved ones that way these facilities have time to consider their next moves. There is probably a section in the contract or even your moms PCP that gives them the right to share this information with others who might be of interest. This happened to my mom. While she was fighting for her life, someone from NH came to her room, not because of concern about her.

The woman mentioned hospital did not tell them she was in LTAC. She was quietly discharged from NH. Only realized this when woman from PCP staff was trying to get her into facility where he was a NH doctor.
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I'm not sure, but I think they are attempting to remove/ rather not accept her back, since I have not communicated where she was located and her condition. I do realize the facilities can refuse care to my mom. I'm just very frustrated with the AL who wants to know everything, and think it's their right to know everything about my mom.
By the way, this AL has never address any of my concerns/issues about my moms place, from the freezer not working to lack of housekeeping, lack of showers/bathing and medications.
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