My Mom just got put in a nursing home because Medicaid said she couldn't be at home by herself. We need a in home caregiver Potosi Missouri.

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I've not heard of medicaid putting someone in a nursing home before. How did medicaid learn that your mother should not be living at home by herself? Who did the paperwork for her application for medicaid?

Usually a doctor writes an order for someone to go into the nursing home. I see from your profile that she has Alzheimer's. People with that often reach the point where they need 24/7 professional care that just one person 24/7 cannot give.

Once place in a nursing home,, you cannot just take her out of there because she must meet the criteria for being a safe discharge.

It sounds like to have your mother home would require 3 caregivers who are CNA's working 8 hour shifts 24/7. I doubt that is possible with her on medicaid.
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I have never heard of Medicaid making a determination that someone needs to be in a nursing home either. That seems to suggest that Medicaid would pay for in home care. My understanding is that Medicaid will pay a very small amount, maybe $1,200.00 a month for in home care. I then ask myself why would anybody do this grueling job for such a small amount.

Since she is in a nursing home, someone made the decision that is where she should be to receive necessary care. Why would you consider moving her back?
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Are you sure you want her at home with all the responsibility that entails. I know many people just want to stay in their own homes but is that the safest place for her to be.Sometimes we just have to abide with decisions that we don't particularily like. Not only would you need 3 caregivers every day but you would also need a family member to be responsible for their supervision and step in when one decided not to show up and the agency just did not have anyone else to send if you use agency nurses it will probably cost around $500 a day. Even private caregivers need at least $10- $12 an hour. think very carefully before making such a move because you may live to regret it and it may be a lot harder to get her back into a nursing home than it was to take her home.
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Medicaid isn't able to pay private caregivers in the home. Around the clock care would cost about $10,000 a month. The program can't afford that. They will pay a small token amount for someone to work part-time. It sounds like your mother needs 24-hour care.

Are you personally there for your mother? Are there other family members who can shoulder some of the load? Do you have money to pay a caregiver when family can't be there? If not, your mother is probably in a good place. You can visit her a lot and may actually find it more enjoyable being able to be her daughter instead of her caregiver.
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If you take her out of the nursing home, without her being released, you will lose any medicaid assistance. Someone had to have told the doctor that she cannot go home, alone. Who was that? Was your mom in the hospital or in re-hab?

Good luck. I feel like this is your first go around. My MIL is 91 and in AL. My mother is 95 and in a NH.
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I don't think that Medicaid makes those kinds of decisions. But if she is on Medicaid and there did not appear to be a family member taking responsibility and no POA assigned, perhaps the Medicaid caseworker did take action to keep Mother safe. It would be interesting to hear more of the details.

But in any case, it sounds like Mother needs 24/7 care and cannot be left alone. This is very common with dementia. When there is no family member volunteering large amounts of time, it is more cost-efficient to place the person with dementia in a care center. For example, in the last year of his dementia Medicaid paid for 32 hours a week of in-home care for my husband. That was a wonderful godsend to me, who had been doing it all alone, but it would have been a drop in the bucket if he lived alone. In that case he would have gone to a care center.

Why do you want to get Mother out of the NH?

Is there a family member prepared to volunteer a lot of hours?

Since she is on Medicaid Mother does not have assets to pay for in-home care, and Medicaid will only pay for limited hours. Does the family have money that can be used for this care?

You would need 21 8-hour shifts per week, probably involving 4 or 5 people. Supervising that many people and ensuring there was never a gap is a big job by itself. Who in the family can do that? The management could also be hired out, but that adds to the cost.

Someone with the authority to make decisions decided that 1) your mother needs 24 hour care, 2) she does not have funds to hire such care, and 3) therefore it is best for her to be in a professional care center, paid for by Medicaid. Which part of that don't you agree with?
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I needed my Dad to be safe while Mom had surgery. Double hernias. Dad is 89 has alzheimers mid to late 4th stage. Mom is 87. Mom is 2 1/2 months thru diagnosis, tests, several Drs opinions, & pain before scheduled for surgery & now recovery. Since Dad didn't come from hospital stay, need rehab, its private pay. So NH was my option, emergency situation. Daily fee is $160/day & now I just found out that doesn't cover drugs totally. After 2-3 retail drugs ordered, drug company will charge higher fee. He has mail order but nursing home doesn't do that & I can't bring any into NH to him. I am very upset. Jan balance after ins. did pay some after deductible is $500 & Feb is yet to come. If I apply for part D, he will lose his prescription drug coverage from retirement. I am appealing but what a surprise. Little details not really enfacised. He is on list for VA home memory care unit but if I'm able to transfer Dad he will have to have a chest x-ray not older than 30 days. He is not adjusting well. Some friends have visited which makes him anxious & wippy so now they will give low dose anxiety med. He doesn't remember why he is there no matter how often I tell him or go visit him. He is not happy but I don't have anyone to help assist me & be able to take care of my Mom. Her recovery at her age is slow. She has become a fall risk & has an orthopedic appt. next week to see what's up with her back, her hip as well as having trouble getting up & balance. She is finally using the rollator but resisted. She got a little different attitude when I told her I was leaving for 21/2 days (I've been there since Thanksgiving-over 21/2 Mons & I live 1 hr + away) & I hired 3 people (to replace me) for shifts to be her companion at $500, quite expense. So now she may try harder to help herself & me to. Just know you c popan't know everything going into parents care or questions to cover. Its almost $5,000 per month for 24/7 NH Memory care. My Dad needs 95% assistance but he doesn't realize that. He will pledge & you have to learn short phrases & try to redirect they call it & sometimes it works & other times it doesn't. This is a cruel disease & he isn't as far as long as other residents. He doesn't look sick cause he walks good with his rollator but has sleep apnea, pacemaker, terrible allergies, Alzheimer's, feet swell, numerous places that wound nurse dresses. He is supposed to wear compression stockings but he will wear but decides to take off & staff may not notice til I bring it up. So I go to his room or bring a pair from home in my pocket so if he isn't wearing them, I just have him take off shoes & socks & we get them on. Otherwise his legs, feet & ankles swell. Thanks for letting me vent. I wish everyone well that is or has taken care of loved ones-its difficult. TV
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