I have an elderly friend who I have been trying to assist with his care, basic cleaning and shopping type of things. Adult Protective Services is getting involved and plans on appointing a conservator. I am grateful for this because I do not have the proper training or resources to adequately take care of this man. My questions are regarding what to expect from the conservatorship. Do they manage his finances? Will they find appropriate in home care he needs? Do they have the authority to have him removed from his home and be placed in a long term care facility, something I know he will not cooperate with? As one of the few people he trusts, I plan on continuing our friendship and act as an advocate, just trying to help him understand the level of care he needs and trying to accept the intervention of the APS caseworkers. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Yehuda, sorry it has taken a few days to get an answer. I found this article here on Aging Care about Conservatorship that might answer your questions. Be sure to scroll down pass the guide books to get the whole article.
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