This man in my apt complex is very aggressive with me and my neighbors he has threatened to kill me and my dog, he has maced a neighbors dog; he continues to follow and harass us when ever we are out to walk our pets. We have made police reports but nothing has been done to stop him...HELP

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Macing a dog is I believe animal cruelty. Contact the ASPCA, and gather all the information you can.

If any of you have video capability on your wireless devices, ask a few of your companion walkers to video the others, the scenery, and just casually turn to videoing the troublemaker, especially when he's harassing others.

Police should at least be investigating. There may not be sufficient evidence to bring charges, but he could be warned. However, at least in my state, animal cruelty agencies can bring charges on their own.

I think the idea of checking landlord or condo unit management's obligations is a good one. Get the power of a legal entity on your side.

If the apartment is a rental, the landlord would have more obligation (and clout) as it still maintains legal control over the buildings and units. If this is a condo complex, the residents individually have a higher level to comply b/c in part when purchasing a condo, they take title subject to the existing By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation of the condo association.

Dorianne offers good insight on this situation and raised issues I hadn't thought of. So I'm kind of "tag teaming" on her suggestions.

It's been more than a few decades since I've had any legal experience with condos, but my recollection is that there's also a reciprocal agreement providing for issues such as common areas, maintenance of same, restrictions, etc. The HOA usually has a Board consisting of residents which monitor and maintain standards.

But get your documentation (such as the videos), and contact the ASPCA as well. Or, if you can, surreptitiously take the videos and e-mail them to all the local news stations, especially if the videos show this man harassing any animals. In my area, they jump on issues such as someone abusing an animal.

Just another thought - the dog which was maced - did it receive veterinary treatment? If the vet would provide a medical record of the treatment, I would also share that with ASPCA, or with the news.

If you do get a tv station involved, be prepared for "blowback". This man sounds like a stalker and aggressor. Carry a small can of hair spray with you in case he attacks any of you on your walks! Loud whistles are good as well. Maybe you need to establish a neighborhood watch corps.
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If you rent, find out what local landlord-tenant laws are. Normally landlords have an obligation to ensure tenant safety and to evict tenants who are committing acts of violence against other tenants. Sometimes they require tenant complaints in order to act. There may be a local or state/provincial tenants' rights group that could help you with this.  If you own your apartment as a condo, find out what the strata by-laws are about resident safety and what actions are taken against violent residents, then make your complaint to the strata council in writing. Make sure whomever you complain to (landlord or strata) knows this is not just a neighour dispute, tell them he has made you feel unsafe in your own home. Remember that, in either case, action may be progressive, beginning with a warning, and it may be more complicated to deal with this guy if you own your strata units.  (Edited to add:  your complaint may be taken as "he said/she said," so if you can get the neighbour who was also threatened to lodge a complaint, that will help.  Witnesses are also helpful.) 
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