my mother is having trouble with her walking and balance, she has been to the doctor and they ruled out gait and gave her some exersises to do but she's not getting better, how can i convience her to get a second opinion, i'm worried she's going to have a bad fall, she does have artheritis that does move around in her body, she doesn't want to take any medicience but it hurts me to see her struggling so, other than this, she is very healthy with no bad habits and watches what she eats . help!

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Has your mother had any falls yet? It sounds like you are concerned about your mother's risk of falling for good reason, because of the tone of your post. A second opinion certainly could only help, What is the "medicine" that she won't take? When you say you see her "struggling", how specifically do you see her struggle? Sometimes , unfortunately, it takes an actual fall to convince an elder that he/she needs assistance of some kind----to see a doctor, get a cane or walker, get help in the home, etc.
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It could be medications, an undetected stroke, or onset of an illness such as Parkinson's. Also, inner ear infections through off your balance and take awhile to treat. Does she feel lightheaded? Does she have high blook pressure? Vision problems (effcts balance too.)?
Mobility is key to a senior staying as independent as possible. Have been working on this with my Mom. She just finished 2 weeks in rehab and it has helped her tremendously.
Have you considered in-home physical therapy? It is so important for seniors to keep moving and maintain their balance.
Mom had arthritis that set in near an old injury. Massage really helped.
Good luck...let us know what you find out.
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