I'm not an overly social person, but I'm feeling driven to doing something to brighten the days of forgotten elderly folks. I have no idea how one even goes about getting connected with folks in need of some personal interaction. Do I just walk into a nursing home and say "Here I am, who needs a friend?". Any advise on getting started is appreciated. Thanks

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The previous suggestions are excellent. In addition, you might want to try the library and ask if people need someone to help them enjoy books and newspapers through reading aloud since not all books are on CD, or there are people who need help selecting books. Also, there may be someone who lives nearby who just needs someone to visit and listen. Many people who like crafts have volunteered to decorate trays or tables in dining rooms of nursing homes. Best wishes to you!
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Awesome. I am sure you will be welcomed and appreciated!

Some ideas:
-- Most cities have volunteer agencies. Search for "Volunteer (Your city or county)" online to find them.
--Hospice trains volunteers for both home and their facility settings.
--Call your local nursing homes or asisted living facilities and ask for the person who handles volunteers.
--Ask around at your church, school or place of business to see if anyone has elderly relatives that need a friendly visitor from time to time.
--If you're going to just show up, make sure you bring along a list of references who will vouch for you, and are willing to undergo a background check if one is required.
--Some non-profits and others - like the Angel Pin lady in Philadelphia - make routine visits to nursing homes after collecting stuffed animals and such, or to put on skits or shows. Try seraching for "elderly outreach" in your area to see if there is a group you could join.

I hope this helps.
Good luck to you!
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