My mother is moving into a distant relative's home who nursed her mother who had dementia until she passed away. The caregiver is not licensed. My mother is renting a room in her home and she will be acting as a caregiver but she is not licensed as such. I have been informed that in California my mother will have to provide worker's compensation if her caregiver should become injured and that she may have to provide unemployment benefits should she decide to move. Is this true? I was told this by an ElderCare consultant who is an LCSW. I will be talking with an ElderCare attorney regarding this and other things. Does anyone know about this? My family thinks I am making much ado about nothing - that the caregiver would never expect my mom to pay her medical expenses if she is injured helping my mom, etc. I am really concerned about protecting my mom from any financial and legal repercussions in this regard but my siblings think I am an alarmist. What do you think? Please note that I have been informed that all of the above has come about because of California's budget problems and the fact that there is no department or agency to regulate unlicensed caregivers.

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Wow, good set of questions. Wonder if the relative had POA, if that makes any difference. I presume if this is true for distant relative, that mother has to pay workman's comp, is it true for Me, as daughter caregiver. As far as the state goes, I am INFORMAL SUPPORT...look up the term, you will be shocked, that is what we are INFORMAL SUPPORT... = unpaid unpaid unpaid...and since you are unpaid you are informal support...and since you are informal support, unpaid. And so we never get any aid. Gee, I'd sure like to get unemployment benefits when Mom passes or moves to nursing home...8.5 years caregiver, slight income just to cover daily coffee and internet fees...

This evil moniker, Informal Support, may have some bearing on your mother's case. Meanwhile, I am fighting this moniker whererver I find and see it. informal indeed. She is RENTING a ROOM, but is the relative being PAID for services?

What does it take to be licensed, just wondering.
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