I am told this would be an affordable option without remodeling the entire shower or removing the existing tub. Supposedly they will remove a section of the tub so Mom can get in and out without having to lift her legs so high to get in. It also helps caregivers so they do not have such difficulty putting someone in and out of the tub? If someone has used it...please let me know if this is a better option for ease of bathing.

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I haven't used that particular company, but when Mom was alive and still living at home, getting in and out of the tub to use the shower was a huge issue, due to her mobility problems.

I was looking at getting a walk-in tub installed, but the cost was prohibitive (over $4,000), and our bathroom wasn't really big enough for it to work. I've seen closets bigger than this bathroom - seriously.

I went with a tub cut-down on our existing tub, with no door installed, so it literally just leaves an opening in the side of the tub, with a 4" lip from the floor up - so picture a 20" wide opening cut into the side of the tub, with just a small lip at the bottom to step over. Stepping over the side of the tub is hard - but most can manage stepping over a 4" lip and into the tub. The company I had do ours was a small local company that specialized in bathtub renovations. They had it done in one day, and they even took into consideration that elderly people sometimes have depth perception issues with their vision - so when they mixed the paint for the piece that fits onto the cut-out part of the tub to make it look like the rest of the tub, they made it a shade darker than the tub (so ivory instead of white) and they even mixed traction material into the paint that was applied to the portion of the cutout that you step over - so if you step on it, you don't slip.

Total cost was $800. I didn't get the door that goes into the opening to seal it so it can be used as a regular bathtub, because Mom was just beyond that stage at that point - there was no way she was going to be sitting in the tub again - ever - so I didn't see the point in doing that. It would have been an extra $150 with the door.

I hope you can find someone in your area that does this - I would look at local companies as opposed to a large chain company - it might save you money.
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At the Independent Living where my Dad lived, the bathtub had a cut-out which made it easier for him to get in to take a shower. Plus he had a bath chair which also helped.

If one can afford to do this, for re-sale value a walk-in shower is the best option, otherwise younger Buyers would request that the bathtub be removed and a regular on put in.
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