My mother has always complained about the facility, however we had no choice in placing her there due to some unfortunate actions she took towards the Department of Motor Vehicles and a police officer. She has been diagnosed with dementia, depression, diabetes, poor kidney function and osteoporosis. There are some instances where she has refused her medication and been unresponsive to the nurses and nursing assistants. However, she says they are good to her and appears to have formed emotional attachments to two of the people who care for her. Based on her medical records, visits and nursing notes she appears to be cared for appropriately. None of the major issues such as bed sores, incontinence, or help with ambulation exist. She has always resisted change in terms of a different house,where furniture is placed in a room or on what day certain activities are performed such as banking, cleaning or even putting gas in the car. I have read that some elderly residents do not respond well to being moved to another facility and develop a condition called transfer trauma.. Symptoms are demonstrated as withdrawal, loss of appetite, and increased depression. Has anyone observed this with a loved one or does anyone have further information or know where to send me to gain more information about the condition.

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You have made some pretty strong arguments to keep her where she is. Not everybody reacts badly to change, and sometimes a new setting will be much better for someone, but basically good care and emotionally supportive relationships with people who care about her - which can take a while to develop especially for someone who's slow to warm up - are pretty big positives to give up in favor of rolling the dice again. OK, its not really rolling the dice totally, because you can look at and inverstigate the new place, provide Mom some pictures of it, have someone from there meet her in advance, etc. But, what are the reasons or potential positives making you want to consider a move?

I moved my mom but not my dad. Good reasons and bad on both. I could share more...but might not be relevant to you at all...
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