Brother has POA, power of attorney, etc. I need professional advise and an idea of what I will need to do to get my father here. Brother also lives here. Financial and legal information is needed. Can you provide this or do I need to contact a lawyer - and if so - what kind? I really have no idea where to begin. My father has become more aggressive and has continually been put in the hospital for falls and unexplained bruises. His last incident was horrible - a nurse at the nursing home pinched his arm and a large blood clot had to be surgically removed. He is so far away - I would also like to know about in home care. What do I need to do to provide that. Sorry -lot of questions.

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If you move him in with you or your brother, you would be making a huge mistake. Aggressive needs to be in 24/7 care with no unlocked doors. Your brother is POA? Then he has all the financial/legal information and he has to keep that confidential, including the Will. Please talk this over with someone impartial. A probate lawyer will explain things to you, for an hourly fee.
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HowardsDaughter, any time someone moves to a new State, you would need to have a new attorney look over all the legal documents that your father has, such as his Will, POA, etc. as each State has different legal rules and regulations. I would suggest fining an "Elder Law" attorney, who sole purpose is dealing with laws concerning the Elders, even helping you through the maze of Medicaid if your Dad should need it some day.

Since your father is already been living in a nursing home, he is use to having three full-time Caregivers around the clock... those Caregivers work 8 hour shifts, they get to go come after their shift to their families, and also they get to have a good nice sleep so they can be rested for their next shift....

If you have your father at home, you would either be caregiving 24 hours day [humanly impossible without crashing] or hiring someone to take an 8 hour shift while you take the other 16 hours. Or you hire three full time Caregivers for during the week... then you take over the weekends and holidays... or you hire another set of 3 Caregivers for the weekends/holidays.

Or you place your father in a nearby nursing home so you can continue to be his "daughter" instead of his "caregiver".... difficult to be both.
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