Hello, My father in law is 90 and really needs round the clock care. He lives with his ex-wife out of convenience, but she is unwilling to care for him anymore. She's 85 and lacks the strength as well. He is dual eligible and I think we can get a home health aide via MLTC, but the ex-wife doesn't want a stranger in the house. We need some help figuring out how best to proceed so that he can get admitted into a nursing home so that he gets the care that he needs. I should mention that our financial situation means we are relying on Medicare and Medicaid to fully cover the costs. Thanks for anything you can share.

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Begin touring facilities in your area that accept Medicaid. Call prospective facilities first to make sure they do. When my mom went into a nursing home, I relied on the financial department at the home to apply for Medicaid. It took about three months for her to be approved, during which time she was self-pay.
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Thanks for that tip. We've been told that there's up to a 3 year wait at the home we wanted! Others have said that if he gets admitted to a hospital for 3+ days, that it's a "way in". We were hoping for something less drastic.
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