I work with a woman in her home every week day. Her husband, and 2 others live in the home as well. On top of them, they have many cats and a dog. I want her to be in a relatively clean living environment, and I try to keep it as clean as I can while I am there. My problem is, I do the dishes for all of them and they will just keep piling them up with caked on food, even sometimes mold. I do her laundry, vacuum, clean litter boxes, feed the animals, give them fresh water, clean her bathroom etc. on top of her regular daily cares. I don't normally go there on the weekends, so when I come there early Monday morning, the place is a complete mess! Normally the animals dont have food or water, there is animal vomit and/or feces on the floor, the dishes are piled all up in the sink and onto the counters, and sometimes the woman I am caring for is still in her clothes from the day prior, and wasnt given her medication either. I mean things could be far worse, but I think she could be taken better care of as well. I do the cleaning to help out her husband, but im there primarily to take care of her! I almost feel like im expected to do the dishes and everything else. So I need others opinions on if I should say something (and if so what) or should I stop whining, and just let it roll of my back and keep doing all the cleaning when the 3 other people in the house are fully capable of taking on some role. The husband also works from the home minimal hours. Any input would help, thanks!

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You don't say if you're a family member, whether the woman has a mental illness or something and if you're being paid to do this. Unfortunately we can't change pigs into anything but pigs. But what you can do is refuse to clean up after them. You shouldn't be doing ANY of this if you are not being paid - family member or not. And if you are getting paid - you need to make out a contract as to what you will and won't do and how much an hour or so much a week. And if there are more chores involved (especially things that you don't want to do) - you must be paid more. And if these people are so lazy they can't even rinse off their own dishes then they need to go to paper products AND learn how to take out the trash. Personally, if this woman is not being cared for properly, I wouldn't hesitate to call Adult Protective Services and get them involved. Wearing the same clothing is one thing, but to not be given her medication is a totally different ball park and could be dangerous. It may be time for the husband to accept the fact that his wife needs to be in a nursing home or assisted living facility or more outside help. And if they can't care for these animals any better than that either, ask them if they will let you find them new homes. At least try to reduce the number of animals they have. Having vomit or feces in the house is detrimental to their health, as well as the animals. And not feeding/watering over the weekend sounds like they need to be placed somewhere else. Good luck!!
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