She is moving with her able bodied husband. She doesn’t really grasp that she will be moving. Wonders about all the activity in her house with children cleaning out the attic and basement. She has always felt attached to her stuff. I am afraid she will not adjust to a new environment. She sometimes gets confused about her familiar surroundings like where the bathroom
is off her Master bedroom that she has used for 39 years. How can I help her manage this transition?

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Even though husband is able bodied, a shared room in assisted living may be a better option than independent living. AL would offer him some help in the tasks he'd rather not do, or have difficulty with and keep a closer eye on her.

Whichever they choose, make the room as familiar as possible to her old surroundings.
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I agree with JoAnn, I tried to set up my Dad's new senior living apartment similar to how he had his bedroom and living room arranged. That way if in the middle of the night he had to use the bathroom he felt secure knowing his high boy would be where it was in his previous home, and the bathroom was in a similar location.

Luckily the living room was almost identical in footprint to what he had before. The kitchen he didn't care because my Mom wouldn't allow him in the kitchen until the meal was ready :P

And Dad had the sunshine pouring in like he had at home :)
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Looks like your post got lost in the shuffle. If she has an able body husband, than he is the one who should be helping her adjust. He is her familiar. Hopefully, you have tried to arrange things like they were in her home. With my Mom, her room at the AL was backwards because the door was in a different place. In the kitchen, everything put away as close to how she had it as possible.
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