Specifically stage six where hallucinations, paranoia, wandering, accusing others of stealing and 180 degree change in sleep patterns takes place?

I was wondering...Alzheimer's hallmarks are memory and confusion. The initial stages seem to be mild, then moderate, then severe with both memory and confusion. Makes sense. And likely, everyone with Alzheimer's experiences those symptoms.

But stage six is very different with the add ons of lots of other issues like the hallucinations, paranoia, wandering, alternate sleep cycles. My mother, right now, is in stage 5. No issues at all from the next level yet.

If I were to ask if all Alzheimer's patients have memory and confusion issues, the answer would be a resounding yes. But is it the same for the latter stages? Do ALL Alzheimer's patients succumb to ALL of the symptoms of stage six? Could she wander but never get anything else..ever? Or is she going to eventually have all of the symptoms?

...Just trying to prepare for the wonderful future ahead!


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I have found that based on my personal experience with my Dad and also professionally working with seniors and their families that MOST of those diagnosed with AD will experience many of the latter symptoms. It just varies in intensity with each person. My dad went through some of the stages (3 months) quickly while others he lingered for longer periods of time (up to a year). Prior to his passing he did show all of the classic symptoms in the latter stages. Have you joined a local support group? The family caregivers that I worked with found them very helpful in exchanging information, especially what to expect at the NEXT stage and beyond. The Alzheimer's Association is a great resource as well as the book "The 36 hour Day". I hope this was helpful.
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Ellen, thanks so much for your response! I have been looking at how long people "stay" in each stage. Of course, it varies, but my mom went from no dementia to stage 5 in two years. To me, that is such a short period of time. Did your dad progress that quickly?

No, I haven't joined a local support group. And yes, I need to make the time to do it. I think it would be helpful.

And thanks again for taking the take to reply!!
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What I have found is that many family caregivers do not notice the first few stages. They come on so gradually and we often dismiss them. He progressed quickly through the middle stages. I believe he was showing signs atleast 6 months to a year before anyone put all the pieces of the puzzle together and wanted to look further into it.
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