I would guess my Mom at about a 5? I have read about 7 stages of Alzheimers. I would guess my Mom at about a 5? but thought i would ask the group here. Mom still remembers me, but she sees me four days a week. Most days she can name most of her kids. She can name some of the grandkids on a regular basis but has a hard time pairing them with the parent. For instance she can name my sons, but not tell you who their Mom is. Is also forgetting what regular food items are such as chicken nuggets. She wanted her guitar, so I brought it to her and she didn't recognize it. I also went to a seminar on Validation therapy where they talk about not to use the "therapeutic lie" Not sure I agree on that one, Mom thinks she is in a small apartment and keeps saying she wants to get a bigger apartment. I simply tell her there are none available at the present time. Why upset her and tell her that she will not be moving anywhere? It does get old because she dwells on it, especially after talking to my sister.

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She does dress herself. Bathrooms independently most times. I would love to have her in an AL but she refuses to eat in the dining room plus she is just progressed enough to need a bit more supervision
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OH she is in a nursing home! OK, so she is past the AL level, then. That would be more like stage 6 which now is subdivided into 6a through 6e.
6a: puts wrong clothing on or backwards
6b: cannot bathe independently, cannot adjust water
6c: cannot toilet independently
6d: urinary incontinence
6e: fecal incontinence.
7a: speech patterns decline
7b: very limited speech
7c: not talking
7d: cannot stay sitting up
7e: loss of facial expression
7f: cannot hold head up.
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Im sorry I guess I shoukd have mentioned my mom is in a care center. She thinks it is an apartment
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Mom should not be alone at any time. If the microwave started smoking, what would she do? If a pipe burst, what would she do? Get her to Assisted Living. If you need a court order to do that, see your attorney. ASAP.
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