I am 70 years old. I receive Social Security Retirement on my ex husband's SS#, and SSI on my own ($237) I also receive food stamps and Medicaid. I am aware that if I lose my SSI, I also lose my Snap benefits. I will only lose $237 per month, and I believe I then could get my SSI and foodstamps back. Am I right, or does the rule about spending down by the end of the month in which you receive the inheritence prohibit this? It would not be a huge loss for a few months because I would have enough money, and am considering prepaying for care such as chiropractic, accupuncture, buying a laptop, a car, etc.(I know the car couldn't be too new, lol! I am exhaused from researching all this stuff! I am also on Sectin 8...about to be evicted (probably in 3-4 months) due to landlady wanting to renovate and raise the rent beyond Section 8 standards....and there is absolutely any housing rentals cheap enough any where near me, (or elsewhere for that matter) so I live in fear of homelessness. I need some good guidance.

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This question is quite complex, I would suggest you talk to an Elder Law attorney about the medicaid and SSI rules. If you cannot afford an attorney, call your closest Legal Aid office, or contact your local council on aging to see whom you could present these questions.
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