My Mother has assets, I have researched Medicaid laws and have seen real life experiences as well. If my Mother applies for any aid at all, she releases all of her assets to the Government right? She can pay her own way for many years, but if she applies for aid that is taken out of her hands right? Also checked Living assisted facilities and they have 2 lists one for people who pay their way and the Medicaid list that is long and no one seems to get to.
I am concerned she is being encouraged to apply for aid, and social worker does not seem to be up front with details, also she wants her insurance papers and funeral policy to apply for this aid. I want my Mom's rights protected and the very best for her, I am worried is this a common practice?
Is this indeed Medicaid? Why would they need these documents?

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Susan, do you have POA for your mother?

I suggest that you attend all meetings with the social worker so you hear first-hand what is being suggested and have the opportunity to ask questions.

How old is your mother? What level of care does she need now? Does she have a progressive condition such that she is likely to need more services in the future?

I don't know if there are some aid programs in your mother's county that are outside of Medicaid, and whether that is what the social worker is looking into for her, or if she is encouraging Medicaid application. Or perhaps she is just exploring what Mother might be eligible for, and she hasn't gotten to the discovery that Mother has enough assets to be self-pay for a number of years. All of these things would be clearer, I think, if you were present when Mother met with the social worker.

Why is Mother seeing a social worker at all at this point? Has she been in the hospital? Is she considering going to a care center?

Medicaid is not intended for people who have enough assets to pay their own way for many years. Such a person would need to use up the assets before being eligible for Medicaid assistance. One way to use up the assets is to self-pay for a care center, for example Assisted Living. If at some point the money runs out, then Medicaid can be applied for. (Some care centers take Medicaid payment from residents who have been self-pay for a certain length of time.) Another way to use the assets up is to spend it, for example to pay off any consumer debt, to buy a van that accomodates a wheelchair, to install a walk-in tub, etc. The assets cannot be given away, but they can be used in many ways for the applicant. Again, when the money runs out, the person can apply for Medicaid. So you don't release your assets to the government ... the program just expects you to use your own assets for your own care as long as you can.

Elderly Waiver is a Medicaid program designed to keep people in their home rather than supporting them in a nursing home.

No one is forced to go on Medicaid even if they are eligible, and it doesn't sound like your mother is eligible, so I don't think you need to be too concerned about protecting her right to not be on Medicaid, but to help ensure that she gets the best service, I urge you to participate in all the social worker meetings.
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We hope this helps. Please let us know if you need anything else and we look forward to seeing more questions and discussions from you.
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