I'm curious how many people with a loved one affected by Alzheimer's or dementia are including a neurologist in their care. We had an evaluation/diagnosis of Alzheimer disease from a neuropsychologist, but sometimes I wonder if an actual neurologist could help us make sure we are on the right track with treatment. We already have a geriatric psychiatrist involved in his care, but that is really just for meds and counseling sessions. It seems like we're missing a piece if we don't have him see a neurologist as well.

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That depends on both the doctor who is now treating as well as the patient. You seem to be getting the right mix of care, but it may not hurt to have another appointment with the neurologist just for a second opinion.

Generally, it's good to have either a psychiatrist or neurologist involved with ongoing care, but basically you need a doctor who is thoroughly trained in Alzheimer's treatment and it's likely that this geriatric psychiatrist is competent. I think that you may feel better checking in with the neurologist again just for a second opinion. It's likely not necessary for this dual care to be ongoing.

Good luck to you. I hope that seeing a neurologist again will ease your mind that the right care is being provided. If not, you should see if the neurologist and geriatric psychiatrist can work together on the medications.

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