I live in senior housing and management wants my life insurance policy, my safety deposit box information and 401k information, is this legal?

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Offhand it doesn't sound legal to me. But is it subsidized housing based upon your income? If so, call the housing authority in your town/county and ask why they need it. Perhaps they need to verify that you qualify for the subsidy.
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It's not unreasonable for them to ask. Have you asked them what they want this information for? I imagine it's in case of emergency, but why not clarify it with them and check that they are storing personal data securely while you're at it.

And if you don't want them to have your personal information, make sure somebody else knows what to do in the event that you are incapacitated for some reason.
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putacompolc99p7, normally with a rental all the landlord needs is your permission for them to pull up your credit report, and nothing else.  If it is subsidized housing, like what geewiz had mentioned earlier, maybe their financial background requirements are different.
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