My sister lives in Missoula, I live in DC. Our mother is basically healthy and drives but has some memory issues she is noting and needs assistnace in the winter to shovel snow and may like someone to shop for her groceries. she is not encumbered physically and generally is not forgetful but I think is afraid since she is alone alot - other than her bridge partners who are in their 90s, she is 84. She will not leave MT and does not need a nursing home, we are just too far to be home daily. She loves her home that was built for her and my Dad for this time of life but he passed unexpectedly due to an accident and also was quite healthy.

Sorry I was not clear! Mom lives in Helena and my sister lives in Missoula- it is not always possible for my sister to get to Helena.

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Some communities offer chore services for seniors; in my experience, they're income based. This would take care of the snow shoveling.

Alternatively, there might be someone in the area who is willing to do this, a trusted neighbor for example or perhaps a Scout doing it for a badge.

If there's a transit system in Missoula, it might have a small bus system that can take her shopping on days when the walks aren't snow covered. Some senior centers also have this service. Or possibly one of her neighbors can do this - Mom can pay the gas, take them out for a meal before or afterward or at some other time - or pay them directly.

As Looloo states, churches are good resources as well. In some, there are young folks' groups who have as their mission helping those in need. They consider it a blessing.

Check with the senior center in Missoula for other activities and services that might help her.

You might also want to consider establishing a check-in call arrangement with her bridge friends - they can contact her daily, as can you and your sister, to ensure that everything's okay.

You might also want to consider getting a medic alert system.

And bless her little heart for being so strong and independent!
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Karen, here's a link that should point you in the right direction -

Also, if your mother belongs to a church, they usually are happy to provide services like the ones you describe.
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