I am the sole caregiver for my 84 year old mother who has Parkinson's. She recognizes everyone BUT me. Has anyone experienced this? How can I soothe her fears? She asks where I am all the time, and knows me in a picture, but not face to face.

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Thank you for your comments JessieBelle and Wuvsicecream! I have used many of the suggestions that you have written prior to these responses but they didn't work. When I went a long with her about me being someone else, she then turned her thoughts to, "where is my daughter, why won't she come see me." This upset her further and it broke my heart to watch her cry. I spent hours searching online but had been looking for Parkinson's dementia. So, I changed my search up a little. When I looked for delusions & Parkinson's (instead of dementia & Parkinson's), I found the term "capgras" where some Parkinson’s patients believe a friend or family member has been replaced by another person who is an impostor. It further states that Parkinson's patients (like my mum), may worry that a visiting daughter is not really their daughter, but someone pretending to be.
I still am not sure what to do in regards to this problem, so still seeking ideas here!
Also, I hope my researching has helped someone else too!
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kitten12345 This may help you. Talk to your Mom about something you shared as a memory good or bad. Say tell me about your daughter. For example in the picture she recognizes you in. Your first day of school, your favorite food, a vacation or anything that she may remember about you. Act as if you are not you, just listen. I bet you'll get something out of her you never knew.
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This has to hurt, Kitten. How long has it been since she doesn't recognize you in person? I wondered if you look different now than what you did in the picture. Do you think she might be looking for that woman? Do you see her often? Does she have other symptoms of dementia besides not recognizing you? I hope someone on the group will have some answers for you.
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