Please see the list of meds my poor old Mum was on before her death at 90 this year.
Q15 = Mrs Harper was admitted on the O3/12/10. Medication prescribed on admission was: Furosemide 40MG tablets, Lofepramine 70MG Tablets, Lansoprazole 30MG Capules, Co-Codamol 8/500MG tablets, Hydroxyzine 25MG tablets, Prochlorperazine 3MG, Ensure plus milkshake and Codeine Phosphate 30 MG tablet.

Q15 = Mrs Harper was discharged from GXXXXX XXXXX on 25/02/12 Medication on discharge was: Macrogol Compound Sachet NPF S/F, Cyclizine50MG tablets, Buccastem 3MG tablets, Miconazole 20MG/G SF Oral Gel, Co-Codamol 8/500MG tablets, Omeprazole 10MG Capsules, Hydroxyzine 10MG tablets, Codeine Phosphate 15MG tablets, E45 Cream, Flucloxacillin 250MG Capsules and Citalopram 10MG tablets.
Mum had had a lot of odd behaviour over the years, stemming from being a small child in a TB ward in the 1920's, and was the most insecure person I know.
I have just received after a very long wait, all the daily Service User Records and Supervisor Records which are incomplete, meds not recorded etc.
Her doctor is a pompous prig, who refuses to reply to emails, on advice from his Union!!
Mum was fed appalling lies and was under undue pressure for many years by a
very poor character nephew who has freeloaded for more than 7 year...he even talked her into selling a 1/3 of her home for 1/10 of the price....then allowed the house to fall down around her, not even repairing windows with paint, or maintaining the garden.
There are many issues with a 'purported' new will - from her 1993 joint will with Dad, 'purported' being the chosen word of my Solicitor, and many lies have been told - with the support of the new Solicitor will writer.....wrongly dated, wrongly named, an office assistant allegedly witnessed and allegedly READ it, though the other witness not only says it was not read in her presence but also
quote, 'referred to the beneficiaries as 'X'...when we raised it being wrongly named. My half-sister named as H...... when that had never been her name!
There are many more issues, too long to go into....this poor old lady has been so manipulated I just cannot tell you.
The drugs, when I have checked online seem to indicate a person with mental health issues but this dr insists she had mental capacity!
Are there any professionals out there with integrity who can help me please. My Mum when well ADORED me, as did my hard working Dad who was a fireman for the whole of WWII in the Thames Estuary where the Battle of Britain raged. He did his bit for country and family, and was the kindest of men. He took in Mum and my half sister, and would be spinning like a top to know what this woman and her awful son have done....Thanks in anticipation!!!

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