My aunt was appointed POA for my grandfather. We had it revoked and my grandfather signed the paperwork but for some odd reason she’s saying it’s not legal so my mother will be going to court with her about this. My question is how if any way possible can I get to see my grandfather? My aunt is not allowing me my mother or my grandmother to see him (he’s now in a nursing home). The only way my grandmother can see him is if they are present in the room with her but as far as for me and my mother we can not! I don’t know what she has told the staff but when we call to check on him or ask if we could go visit they told us we were not allowed. I have called APS to try and help but she basically said that until my aunt says we can go visit him we are not allowed up there. At this point we can’t afford an attorney so I’m just seeking advice on other options if anyone knows any.

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No I’m not upsetting him in anyway. I have always been super close to him my whole life. My grandmother and I at this point are the only ones he remembers. i couldn’t care less who is poa that don’t bother me at all I just want to visit my grandfather while I still have him here.
I don’t know what I have done to them but they have physically assaulted my 15yr old and called my youngest a racist slur so I just kept my distance and only went around while they weren’t there now the staff won’t even allow me to visit it really does break my heart
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What's the actual reason for the dispute between your mother and your aunt? Why did your mother attempt to have your aunt's POA revoked and create one for herself instead? What's the problem?
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Dgarcia2003 Jan 19, 2019
Honestly I have no clue what they are arguing about to me it seems very petty. It’s like something out of a movie when the family fights over who is gonna get the house or money or what have you when the said person passes but they don’t have money. My mother didn’t attempt to have it revoked on her own my grandmother asked her to do it since my aunt wasn’t given my grandmother her ss money and was making withdrawals without her knowledge
You can get a consultation with a elder law attorney - the first consultation is usually free.

The second POA may not be legal because your grandfather was not competent at the time it was signed or it was not appropriately witnessed. Has anyone at the NH or APS reviewed the second POA? If they are telling you it's not legal and giving you the reason why then I would probably accept their opinion.

As long as your aunt remains POA and it has been activated by your grandfather's cognitive decline, then the POA gets to determine who can see your grandfather. If you are upsetting your grandfather by trying to get another POA after he became incompetent or by telling him you want take him out of the NH, then your aunt has a very legitimate reason to deny you visitation.

Sorry for your pain and confusion dealing with the discord in your family. You may ask your aunt if you can accompany your grandmother (without your mother) during her next visit.
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